The Contented Pig

Graphic Design
Art Direction
Print Procurement


The Dieline & LÜRZER'S ARCHIVE 2015/2016 – 200 Best Packaging Designs Worldwide


I was asked by Southsea based ‘The Contented Pig’ to create a brand and packaging device for their delicious Pâtés and chutneys.

I wanted to create an overarching mark that could easily be developed to fit the existing products but also any future additions. I created a series of illustrations, custom typeface and colour palette which would allow me to do this.

I felt that a hand rendered/hand made style would suit the company ethos perfectly, so I carried this right through the branding and packaging by sourcing recycled stock and ‘kraft/DIY’ elements, such as stamps, badges and binding string. Every detail was considered and pondered over.

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