Monmouthshire Building Society

Monmouthshire Building Society

I was recently tasked with leading the creative on a rebrand for Monmouthshire Building Society. The chosen concept was based on the idea of 'a personal journey'. Every one of us has our own journey through life and each journey contains key moments, such as learning to drive, starting a family, travel or buying our first home. 

Connecting the building society's products, such as savings accounts, personal loans and mortgages to these moments creates that all important emotional connection. To tie into the idea of the concept 'a personal journey', the visual was inspired by the human fingerprint.

Fingerprints can look similar from afar, but with closer inspection you will see swirling paths breaking off in different directions, each one unique to its owner, much like the paths that make up life’s journey. Monmouthshire Building Society helps people at key points on their journey and that was the inspiration for this project.

Agency: Stills
Role: Brand Conception / Graphic Design

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