UX/UI Design 
Art Direction

Creative Direction
— James Bearne
Build — John Hornsby, Jon Daly


BIMA 2015 – B2B & Professional Services (Finalist)


I was tasked with creating a digital platform that could be used at trade shows and exhibitions to help promote Honeywell's range of defence and space products.

The platform needed to be highly visual, informal and flexible. It would be displayed on large 50" screens, laptops and tablets alike. Honeywell wanted something that could grow with their product range and also to prioritise certain products, depending on which exhibition or country they were attending.

The project began with wire-framing the UI and storyboarding the animations and interactions. I then moved into 'look and feel' for each of the products and their environments. Next came asset creation, which included detailed wireframe drawings and building over 100 infographics. I also played the role of art directer throughout the build, working alongside animators and developers.

View the project here

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