Go Ape

Digital Design
Brand Development
Art Direction


I was asked to work on a pitch for Go Ape, to re-think their digital presence. What they initially had was dated and didn’t work for the internal team or users wanting to explore the site and book an experience.

I started the project by looking at simplifying key functionality (booking and locations) and then moved into more visual and experiential ideas. The focus from the very start of the project was to bring the physical experience into the digital and help build excitement for users before, during and after their visit.

I had the opportunity to help form the user journeys and include ideas on how to increase the physical/digital experience by making use of personalised content and technology such as iBeacons and VR. The Go Ape internal team loved the pitch and we swiftly moved into production.

From the off I wanted to go big on visuals and include lots of illustration, vibrant colours, video and animation. I created a series of templates and modules for mobile and desktop use and developed their existing brand assets. I also provided a digital style guide that will form the basis for all digital output moving forward.

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